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The Keg-a-Que Legacy

 The Keg-a-Que was created based on a simple idea: to make an empty keg into a BBQ grill. It was the mid-80’s at a college campus party when a few guys took an empty old fashioned quarter barrel keg and began to saw it in half. That night, a great meal was cooked in that old keg and the original Keg-a-que was born.

After years of design refinement, that keg grill was patented into the portable grill with a purpose and formally named the Keg-a-Que. Keg Products Inc. was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by the McGourthy Family. Brothers John Jr. and Matt “rolled out the barrel” back in 1994 with the help of their father and a big order from Miller Brewery.

Keg-a-Que won the Governor's Award in 1995, was licensed by the NFL in 1997 and proudly recognizes over a half a million Keg-a-Que’rs worldwide.